Lee Hunt

Principal, Geophysics

Lee Hunt, P.Geoph. is Principal, Geophysics at Carbon Alpha.

Lee Hunt is a professional geophysicist with 3 decades of experience working virtually every play in the WCSB and many other basins. He has drilled over 400 horizontal and vertical wells, using 2D and 3D seismic, and has experience with the oldest, most primitive techniques as well as the newest, most advanced ones. And he has catalogued the value of these experiences in some 50 conference presentations and journal publications. Lee was appointed as the 2012 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer, a national lecture tour where he spoke about AVO analysis, fracture and hazard detection and the economic value of processing and interpretive techniques. In 2020, he was chosen as the 2020 CSEG Symposium Honoree, the ninth such honoree in the history of the society. Lee and his co-authors won Excellence of Oral Presentation for the 1997 SEPM Convention, the 2000 CSEG Convention Best Paper Award, the 2008 CSEG Convention Best Geophysical Abstract, the 2008 CSEG Best Technical Luncheon Talk, the 2010 CSEG Convention Best Geophysical Oral Presentation, the Best Exploration Paper at VII INGPET in 2011, Honorable Mention for Best Paper in The Leading Edge in 2011, and Best Paper in the CSEG Recorder in 2011. He was a participant in the creation of the CSEG MLA, APEGA’s Q.I. Practice Standard, as well as APEGA's Guideline for the Ethical Use of Geophysical Data. He was also one of the principal designers of the first CSEG Value of Geophysics with Case Histories course.

In his role, Lee helps the subsurface team in any way he can, specifically with the geophysical aspects of their work by helping to formulate and execute technical strategies, set standards, advise on scheduling and develop technologic solutions.

Lee is excited to take on the challenges the CCS industry presents, and to think critically to find efficient and effective solutions. He finds this challenge invigorating and looks forward to applying his knowledge of techniques from his past experience to a relatively new problem. He also appreciates being able to work with the wonderful, clever, funny and very committed people at Carbon Alpha.

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