Expert carbon capture storage
advisory and development services

We are experts in all stages of carbon storage development, from initial screening through the operational lifecycle. Carbon Alpha follows a well-established methodology to progress CCS storage projects.

Carbon storage project stages - Expert carbon capture storage advisory and development services

Screening & Selection

We define your carbon storage needs and identify and prioritize storage sites based on suitability criteria.

In this stage, we leverage our proprietary carbon storage digital platform OMEGA to rapidly identify geological storage options proximate to your emissions source. We evaluate prospective sites based on geological suitability, transportation requirements and preliminary development plans, including project development timelines and full-life project cost modeling. The OMEGA platform provides important outputs for your corporate decision-making frameworks.

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Carbon Alpha step two characterization image


Following site selection, we perform an increasingly detailed subsurface analysis of the CO2 storage site to support a project investment decision.

For each selected storage site, we conduct detailed geological, hydrogeological, geochemical, geophysical and geomechanical studies to evaluate injectivity, capacity and containment. Our analysis includes the collection and interpretation of all available subsurface data and the acquisition of additional information through seismic licensing and reinterpretation, as well as the drilling of appraisal wells. Using our resultant geological model, we generate development plans, project timelines, full-life cost forecasts and site-specific risk assessments, including measurement, monitoring and verification (MMV) plans.


We manage all aspects of project design, baseline reservoir monitoring, project construction and commissioning.

Once you have made a final investment decision to proceed, we design and execute the construct of the CO2 storage complex, including regulatory permitting, drilling injection and monitoring wells, and pipeline construction within the storage complex to connect your emissions source. We also take all necessary steps to establish baseline reservoir model, including the acquisition of 3D seismic across the CO2 storage complex for MMV programs.

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We operate the CO2 storage complex on your behalf, including monitoring, reporting and regulatory compliance.

Using our data-driven operations platform, we manage, monitor and optimize the performance of the injection wells, pipelines and MMV program to ensure safe and efficient CO2 injection. We maintain equipment and maximize uptime using integrity assurance programs and share reports on all activity, including authenticated storage results and regulatory compliance.


We monitor the long-term integrity of your CO2 storage complex as part of your ongoing stewardship.

We develop and maintain detailed reservoir models to demonstrate that the captured CO2 has remained within the selected storage reservoir and meets closure qualifications with the regulator. Finally, we plan and execute all wellbore abandonments and pipeline retirements to the satisfaction of the regulator.

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