Kyra McRitchie

Sustainability Coordinator

Kyra McRitchie is a Sustainability Coordinator at Carbon Alpha.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences from the University of Calgary. She has experience working within multidisciplinary teams on a variety of research projects that mostly focused on sustainability and the impact of human activity on the environment.  

As a sustainability coordinator, Kyra supports and leads various projects within the company, supports project managers, develops and implements communication strategies and organizes sustainability and cultural awareness initiatives. She also works on near-surface and environmental monitoring as applicable to CCS/CDR projects and stays informed on sustainability trends, legislation, and advancements.

Kyra is passionate about sustainability and has always wanted to work somewhere she felt shared similar values. Everyone at Carbon Alpha is passionate about decarbonization and it’s a very inspiring place to work. She hopes Carbon Alpha becomes a leader in this space and motivates companies to take the first step together toward decarbonization.

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