Graham Hack

Director, Reservoir & Data Sciences

Graham Hack, P.Eng. is Director, Reservoir & Data Sciences at Carbon Alpha.

Graham is an experienced professional engineer with a broad technical foundation in modern techniques for reservoir analysis, well monitoring, optimization and data science. He has enthusiastically applied these methods to industry challenges across North America, including unconventional resource development and CO2 project assessments. Graham is comfortable in looking at big picture questions involving strategy, value of information and decision analysis down to more detailed work such as coding in Python. Graham has coded Carbon Alpha’s proprietary transient analytical modeling software, OMEGA. Graham graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta in Chemical Engineering (specializing in Computer Process Control) and returned to complete a Masters of Engineering Management, collaborating with world-class experts on decision-making techniques in measurement, monitoring and verification.

In his role, Graham fosters technical excellence and demonstrates the value of reservoir engineering expertise as a component of the integrated development workflow. He drives insights and efficiency in data-intensive processes through the use of advanced analytics.  

Graham believes the team at Carbon Alpha is second to none. There are no siloes, low barriers to information, and great attitudes towards the problems faced together. He hopes to see the company grow into the partner of choice for CCS in Canada, providing a platform to understand, optimize, and achieve meaningful CO₂ abatement through projects.

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