Eric Street

Director, Geosciences

Eric Street, P.Geo. serves as Director, Geosciences at Carbon Alpha.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences from Simon Fraser University. His career has included exploration and development roles in the upstream energy industry for both domestic and international projects. Eric’s international experience in multiple basins worldwide has been of particular value in CCS projects, specifically his expertise with 2D seismic, play-based exploration and common risk segment mapping, and the use of GIS and public data systems.

In his role, Eric is responsible for ensuring a rigorous, risk-based, methodical geoscience workflow is applied to all Carbon Alpha projects. His work helps build stakeholder confidence in subsurface storage attributes to enable project advancement safely and on schedule.

Carbon Alpha provides the springboard for Eric’s geosciences skillset to make measurable contributions to decarbonization efforts. The company has a highly skilled and motivated team of industry experts that Eric feels fortunate to work with daily. He hopes that Carbon Alpha will emerge as the preeminent provider of subsurface storage solutions while shaping industry best practices along the way.

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