Chris Kedzior

Subsurface Advisor

Chris Kedzior is a Subsurface Advisor at Carbon Alpha.

He earned his Master of Science in Geology from the University of Warsaw. He has a strong background in probabilistic methods, risk assessment, and data modelling. He has experience in energy, as well as modelling data for CCUS projects, programming, and data analysis.

At Carbon Alpha, his primary focus is static geological modeling, though his broad subsurface background allows him to be involved in many different areas of the CCUS workflow.

Chris’s primary reason for working at Carbon Alpha is environmental consciousness and responsibility. Emissions take up a great deal of space in the public debate with very little being done about the issue. He hopes his work at Carbon Alpha will help bridge the gap, minimize the damage that’s already done, and raise people’s personal awareness about their day-to-day impact on emissions. He also appreciates that CCUS is a brand-new industry, and there’s nothing more exciting than leading the way and solving new challenges.

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