Anne Halladay

Director, Risk & MMV

Anne Halladay is Director, Risk & MMV at Carbon Alpha.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering from Queen’s University and a Master of Science from the University of Calgary. She has decades of experience, and 8 years of direct experience with the Quest CCS project, specifically in MMV.

At Carbon Alpha, Anne ensures projects are developed with a risk-based approach, which defines how each unique project unfolds. She is also in charge of developing site-specific MMV programs to demonstrate containment and conformance of permanently stored CO2.

Anne appreciates how Carbon Alpha has brought together an amazing, smart, and fun team that can make a big impact toward Canada’s decarbonization targets. Everyone is passionate about what they do and is focused on the same goal, which makes it easier to get there faster. She wants to accelerate company projects to help get those tonnes in the ground faster, cheaper, and easier.

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