Battle River Carbon Hub (BRCH)

Carbon Alpha has been working with Heartland Generation since 2021 to progress the carbon sequestration hub component of their Battle River Carbon Hub (BRCH) through the various stages of development.

The project has completed the site selection and initial site characterization stages of the carbon storage development process. This resulted in de-risking of the Basal Cambrian Sandstone reservoir complex through the interpretation of 2D seismic data and integrating well log data, cores and legacy wellbore information in the region.

Carbon Alpha is now working with Heartland on an appraisal well program. The program goals are to gather new information to increase understanding of injectivity and storage capacity of the subsurface storage reservoir and to confirm its hydraulic isolation from other formations by sampling the overlying and underlying seal rocks.

Read more about Heartland's BRCH project Here

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